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Biden’s letter to Russia cites “false flags”

Biden’s letter to Russia cites “false flags”

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“The timing and significance of [the letter] should be more widely known,” said the former congressman, who’s been critical of the FBI and other agencies in the past.

In a statement, Biden said: “I have been clear that Russia needs to engage meaningfully with the United States and that it should be part of a comprehensive, coordinated approach.

“After eight years of Vladimir Putin’s reckless aggression, the United States and its allies have no choice but to pursue all options, including engaging Russia on the issue.”

He continued: “I have urged Russia to meet with the U.S. administration and to seek a lasting resolution to the crisis in Ukraine. I have also stressed that we cannot afford to have another false flag, a false flag where the United States uses force in Syria to overthrow a legitimate government and thus set back our nation’s effort to resolve that long-standing civil and regional war.

“As President Obama said in his opening remarks at the press conference last month, I hope to be here for the full duration and, as commander-in-chief, I fully support whatever action he may be able to take, legal or otherwise. I remain committed to our nation.”

The letter, which was first reported by CNN, was dated January 23 and released by the senator on Wednesday, although in a statement Biden said the letter had been prepared as early as October of 2014.

“We should never lose sight of the fact that Russia has been the largest threat to security in the world for the past several years,” the letter reads.

“America can and must work with Russia to combat terrorism and ensure stability in Eurasia,” it adds. “We should take the first step toward full and permanent normalization of relations.”

The letter goes on to list various grievances against Russia, in particular the annexation of Crimea and support for its war in eastern Ukraine.

It also says: “The United States is ready to meet with the Russian Federation to discuss the Ukrainian crisis in early 2016, and I will urge my colleagues in Congress to work with the White House and our national security team to develop a comprehensive plan to address

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