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Climate Change is a Big Issue

Climate Change is a Big Issue

Twitter’s data center knocked out by extreme heat in California” — The Verge (@verge) July 31, 2018

The second most popular topic was the “Citation Needed” page. This is a page where users are encouraged to tweet out links to scientific articles they found interesting. It started appearing on the site earlier this year following the release of a study by Stanford University’s George Mason University that suggested climate change had made parts of the Pacific Ocean more acidic and more corrosive.

“We found that the top 10 most popular climate topics and citing sources were all related to global warming and the environmental effects it has had on oceans,” Gao wrote.

The researchers went on to explain how the website is used by the public. It’s used to “re-energize the conversation around climate change by increasing the amount of information that can be generated from search engines around relevant topics.”

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