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Evra says he was wronged by his parents and his father

Evra says he was wronged by his parents and his father

Patrice Evra: Former France star opens up about sexual abuse, his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo

The former midfielder has revealed memories of growing up in a family which had a lot of troubles, especially among his mother and father.

“I remember my childhood, my upbringing, my parents’ and my stepfather’s troubles,” he said.

“The two of them started out, like other people, with problems with money.

“But then it developed to something else, and I think that’s what happened with my mother, and it’s what happens a lot in families.

“For me it started with me, my father and his wife having problems.

“Both of them did.

“What they did, they tried to hide it better, because they were ashamed but they said it to me.

“It was not only with our family.

“My parents were very close. They were more or less similar to each other.

“My father and my mother have problems, there is no doubt about that. And they were married for 12 years, so they were both adults.

“So I think they have a lot of problems, and they try to hide them, and to try to solve them, and all of a sudden, it becomes something else.”

In a series of interviews, Evra also confirmed allegations made by ex-agent Jorge Mendes that he abused his professional partners as well as one of his children.

He said he was unaware that Mendes was accusing him of such actions, but said he feels guilty because of the pain he caused his wife, Nadege Cazalilla, who was living in France at the time.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” he said.

“If that was the only reason for my problems and that I was wrong, I would admit to it.

“But that is not the way

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