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FFA and Afghanistan players have been invited to a women’s football camp in Australia

FFA and Afghanistan players have been invited to a women's football camp in Australia

How Afghanistan women’s football teammade it to Australia

Football Federation Australia (FFA) hosted a group of Afghan players earlier this month as part of its efforts to promote international women’s football.

The players travelled from their home nation to Australia last November.

FFA chief executive officer John Didulica said he hoped the women’s football camp gave Afghan players a “better understanding of the benefits of international football, and also provided the opportunity to interact with other players from different cultures and nations.”

The players have since participated in a number of events in the lead-up to the World Cup in Australia.

“At these high-profile events players have the opportunity to meet with other players from different countries and countries have the chance to meet players from different cultures,” he told

“They have the opportunity to learn more about how they can make the game of football more accessible to more people, more girls, more women and more men in their own countries of origin.”

The event also provided the opportunity for Afghan players to meet with the FFA and learn about playing international football.

The Afghan players have been given the opportunity to play in the FFA National Women’s Team and FFA Women’s League.

In December, they played in a tournament in Australia that was run by FFA’s Women’s Academy.

Ahead of this month’s camp, FFA paid for three Afghani players to go to a private academy in Melbourne.

“We are pleased to be given the opportunity to be involved in such an important development for the women’s game in Afghanistan,” FFA’s chief executive officer John Didulica said.

“This is part of the FFA’s strategy to promote women’s football in our country. The involvement of the Afghan team is one part of that process.

“We hope this experience will give us an insight into how the game can be played on a global stage.

“We hope it will also give them an insight into global women’s football and a better understanding of the benefits of international football.”

FFA’s head of women’s national teams Brett Ratten told it was “always encouraging” to see the FFA and the Afghanistan national team working together.

“It is great to see FFA and the

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