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“Mr. Pickles” is a new generation of “Pickle”

"Mr. Pickles" is a new generation of "Pickle"

Johnny Knoxville, Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer — the fun never stops at ‘Reboot’

It’s never been a TV show as high-concept — or over-the-top as “Reboot” — as the animated series “Mr. Pickles” on Cartoon Network.

The series, a joint production of Seth MacFarlane’s 20th Century Fox Television and the National Film Board of Canada, follows one man’s adventures as he explores the many wonders of life on earth and finds joy in the most unexpected places.

Mr. Pickles (played by series creator Seth MacFarlane) has an interesting life. He’s an orphan who grew up on a farm in the American Midwest, and a self-proclaimed pickle, a vegetable he loves to eat. His best friend is also a pickle: Little Pickle Bear (MacFarlane as a bear).

Mr. Pickles and Little Pickle Bear met and became best friends while studying on vacation with their families. They had lots of adventures: in a hotel elevator, by the side of a busy highway, when they were chased by a car and finally — and unfortunately — in a hospital.

For the first five years of the series, Mr. Pickles did his time with a hospital. But after his friend Little Pickle Bear was accidentally staph-positive and had to spend his convalescence on a “pickle-only” bed due to his infection, Mr. Pickles, in true Pickle style, moved to San Francisco and worked for the fictional San Francisco Medical Examiner’s office.

“Mr. Pickles” is produced by Fox Television under the 20th Century Fox Television Content Ownership Agreement and distributed by The Weinstein Company. MacFarlane, the series’ creator and executive producer, is the executive producer for the series.

The series is in its 10th season, and after 12 years, the show is now in a completely new generation, with new episodes of the show arriving daily.

“Reboot” brings “Pickle” to a new generation

The opening episode of the first “Reboot” episode — in which Mr. Pickles, now a paramedic with the

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