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Puig’s lawyer could receive $10,000 a month to offset his defense costs

Puig’s lawyer could receive $10,000 a month to offset his defense costs

Attorneys for Yasiel Puig say ex-Dodger may have been entrapped in sports gambling probe

By Kathy Williams Myers

LOS ANGELES – On Tuesday, a judge ruled Puig’s lawyer would receive at least $10,000 a month to offset his defense costs while he appealed a judge’s finding the slugger engaged in sports gambling, a move that could be a boon to the Dodgers star’s case.

In a court filing Wednesday, Puig’s attorney, Ken Katz, said he was hopeful a settlement could be reached that would prevent his client from going to trial.

“Today’s ruling by Chief Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Kenedy means that Mr. Puig can live the life he loves and continue to pursue his education and baseball career,” Katz said in a statement. “Judge Gonzalez Kenedy recognized that Mr. Puig is being targeted because of his character and his willingness to speak openly about the issues impacting his life. The defendant’s attorney is entitled to reasonable fees and costs, but it is simply unacceptable that Mr. Puig’s attorney is being subjected to such exorbitant expenses simply because Mr. Puig is the plaintiff in this lawsuit. Mr. Puig’s attorney has been forced to file multiple motions with the Court that seek to delay the proceedings and prevent the Court from ruling on the substantive issues at hand and Mr. Puig would not be subjected to the fees and costs of his defense if he were not the plaintiff.”

The attorney’s fees are nearly double the $15,000 a month that the Dodgers organization paid when Puig was the slugger, according to court documents.

The Dodgers organization could receive an added incentive if Puig were found to have played sports gambling.

“The reason for the case, as stated by Judge Gonzalez Kenedy

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