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The Attack on Paul Pelosi is an Attack on Democracy

The Attack on Paul Pelosi is an Attack on Democracy

Editorial: The horrifying attack on Paul Pelosi is an attack on democracy

In response to last night’s horrific attack on Paul Pelosi, a California congressman representing parts of San Diego County for more than 50 years, Congressman Charles Rangel asked his colleagues in both parties to join him in calling for a full government investigation, as he has been doing since last October.

This isn’t the first time a California congressman had to defend the Constitution against a well-funded smear campaign, and it certainly won’t be the last. But the attempt to assassinate Paul Pelosi is an attack on democracy itself.

Pelosi is the first member of Congress to be targeted for political assassination in decades.

This attack is based not on any rational motive but on personal animus against a member of Congress who has served more than half a century in his community, and who has dedicated his career to working hard for the people of San Diego.

He has been fighting to ensure that the homeless receive the services and housing they need to live within the law. He has pushed for the removal of a local ban on marijuana dispensaries. He advocates for a better deal for students who attend the University of California and for the University of San Diego. He’s been a strong advocate for education and the value of a public education.

You would think such positions would be popular, and you’d be right. But they aren’t. They are unpopular. Even Republicans, who once supported Pelosi for Congress, now attack him for having the courage to represent them.

I will not be able to respond to every attack — especially to the claims that I “betrayed” San Diego. I have tried to do that before, but it doesn’t work. The attacks aren’t about policy. They’re about personal attacks, personal attacks on Pelosi’s character that ignore what he represents and what he has done to

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