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The bodies of two Americans were found in a Mexican hotel room

The bodies of two Americans were found in a Mexican hotel room

Three Americans found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning at Mexico City Airbnb, official says

A day after the bodies of a couple were found in a Mexican hotel room in the early morning hours of May 5, police and medical officials confirmed that there were two Americans who died from carbon monoxide poisoning and that two other guests in the rooms were also killed.

The victims’ names were being withheld pending the notification of family members.

A statement from Mexico City’s Office of Urban Planning, however, said that according to preliminary results of toxicology tests, the victims were “most likely” carbon monoxide poisoning victims. The office said that their cause of death was confirmed by toxicology results, but that it was not conclusive.

The bodies were found in a room near the lobby of the hotel, in a residential neighborhood, by police investigating how the hotel staff got the rooms to be used as illegal apartment units.

The victims’ next of kin have been notified but their identities will not be released until the officials have analyzed the bodies.

After the hotel opened, the rooms were rented out to tourists and vacationers.

A spokesman for the property owner said the owners did not know that the tourists were staying in the rooms the day before the dead bodies were found.

The hotel is located in the neighborhood known as Roma and was built in the 1990s.

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