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The GOP, they are like the bad boy at an all boys’ school.

The GOP, they are like the bad boy at an all boys' school.

Letters to the Editor: If Republicans win, the last thing they’ll give us is law and order — and by that very definition, they’ll give us law and order when they get in.

The GOP, they are like the bad boy at an all boys’ school. They don’t want you to have to obey anyone, even a child.

They want to have the police do their dirty work for them.

It is just part of the game.

When in the mood they play by their rules.

For example, we have a Republican who was running for sheriff; he was a Democrat. And in that race, this Democrat was the biggest crook we had. He’d been elected several times by the people of his state in the past; he was a member of the Legislature then.

But when it came to the election, he said he didn’t owe the people any money, he didn’t have to pay taxes. And that’s when he ran and won the race for sheriff.

He was never investigated. He never paid a penny in court costs. The court found that he didn’t owe the people anything, and sent him on his way.

He became sheriff; went onto become a judge; became the chief of police of the county.

He and his family didn’t have to take a damn thing from nobody for the first 17 years. He was protected from all lawsuits. He could do what he wanted with the public. He kept a clean house.

But he was one nasty piece of work. And he gave us problems. The first time he got his wife in an accident, he didn’t pay a cent to the person who had been hurt. We went to the judge and found it out — paid him back.

He would give our officers, especially, a break; he’d make sure they didn’t have to pay a thing.

He’d also get them to go down to the jail and pay $150.00 for dinner. Then, when he got it back to the officers, he’d say, “Don’t come back, we’re out of money.”

He took the money and put it in a safe place by his house.

The first thing we did with his wife was to put

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