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The Political Center Is Eroding in America

The Political Center Is Eroding in America

Guerrero: The rise of the MAGA Latino isn’t real, but it could be in 2024.

One of the more intriguing things about the next presidential election is that it could be different than any we’ve ever seen before.

It turns out that the political power structure we rely on every four years, as well as the voters who are empowered by it, could be very different from even two years ago.

This is not to say that we’ve entered a “blue wave,” as has been claimed by so many mainstream liberal pundits. But something is changing, and it is happening in a number of ways.

The political center is rapidly eroding in America.

It’s not that the Republican Party is losing its power. It’s that the Republicans in charge are going to the center. And that the center is going to be hard to find.

Why is that? Because what passes as the center in most American elections doesn’t actually exist.

In fact, the two parties are being reshaped by an influx of Democratic voters who have been turned off by a political system that has not given up on the idea of a black president, white supremacist congressmen, anti-gay activists and pro-war foreign policy.

The election of 2016 is not what it was. It’s more like a turning of the page in American political history.

And in 2024, there is a very real chance that the new and more radical Democratic Party may have won control of the White House and both houses in Congress.

This is not inevitable. But it may be. And there are a number of reasons that suggest it may very well be the case.

There is a reason that we have never elected a non-white, non-male presidential candidate. There is a reason that we have never elected a pro-immigration Democrat to the White House. And there is a reason that we have never elected a presidential candidate who actually represented the interests of people of color.

One of the reasons is because that is not how we make a nation.

One of the reasons is because we have made it this way for nearly 300 years.

And there is a reason we have never succeeded in making anything else with this

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