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The RNC’s Response to Pelosi’s Attack on the GOP

The RNC’s Response to Pelosi’s Attack on the GOP

Editorial: GOP responds to Pelosi attack with cruel, baseless jokes. It’s shameful.

The Republican Party is the world’s most hated political party of all. It is so hated, in fact, that Republicans have been forced to turn a deaf ear to their own party’s worst-ever election season. On Sunday night, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi leveled a new hammer: a scathing assault on the GOP, painting the party as incompetent and unhinged as they struggled to survive the November elections.

A day later, the Republican National Committee, which has been under fire since day one, was forced to take to Twitter to respond to Pelosi’s hit job.

What followed was an attack on President Donald Trump, who was the target first. The RNC’s post was a simple, yet misleading, attack on Trump’s policies, stating that “President Trump is now the first president in our history to lose an election (the GOP), lose a congressional seat (MN-2) and then, less than two weeks later, be re-elected.”

The post — which was also rehashed by conservative media outlets — made the same points Democrats have been making since the party’s convention in July. It criticized the GOP for abandoning the president’s agenda, suggesting that the party’s inability to do so has resulted in the party’s inability to defeat Trump.

The RNC’s post goes on to make the same outlandish conclusions. That the party has not been making headway against the president is a “national embarrassment,” and it must be fixed “to fix our nation’s dysfunction.”

The RNC’s response was short, but long overdue, and it was a step in the right direction. Republicans should be proud that the RNC responded to a vicious attack on the party by the party’s most powerful elected official in a constructive and honest manner.

The response itself showed the GOP’s character — a character that is in danger of being lost.

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