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The YouTube Prayer Channel is a message for people to pray for a vaccine

The YouTube Prayer Channel is a message for people to pray for a vaccine

The YouTube prayer channel started during Covid that’s causing a stir around the world.

The prayer for a vaccine is spreading across the globe.

The prayer is calling on people to sign a petition at the website

The campaign to fund a vaccine for all forms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) began on YouTube and has spread to thousands of accounts across social media.

We spoke to a few people who are taking part – and some have said the prayer has helped them.

“It has increased my mental and physical health to the point where I can’t sit here and cry,” one person told us. “It’s changed the way I think and see things. I hope that it will affect other people in similar ways.”

For those who are watching, the YouTube prayer channel is like a bible verse, a video, and an address – and it’s giving people the boost they need to be able to get beyond the coronavirus and work through the issues that will come with it.

While the channel began spreading messages to people around the world through prayers, there’s now a growing number of people who are reaching out through the platform, including people who have also experienced mental breakdowns after reading the prayers.

What we know so far about the channel

In the weeks after it began posting coronavirus-related videos on YouTube in the late hours and early morning, the prayer channel posted more than a handful of prayers for positive things to happen in the future.

It started with a video of a man telling God to stop the coronavirus, so he didn’t die alone, after which other people said they were sick.

Another video, called “Prayer with symptoms,” started with a man saying he was not feeling well and was praying for God to protect him from the coronavirus. Then a few minutes later he said he felt better.

Another video, called “Prayer for me,” made fun of a woman and her boyfriend who are in the middle of a quarantine over coronavirus. The video showed the couple and their children together and with the woman saying “You’re going to die! You’re going to die!” with a look on her face that showed she was not feeling well.

The channel was started by a group of friends from a church who wanted to spread a message. They started posting the prayers

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