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Trump’s Rally in Kansas

Trump’s Rally in Kansas

Political ad in Kansas accidentally included footage of Tiger Woods among violent criminals, and some are questioning whether it’s appropriate of Trump to profit from it

Maintaining that he is a man of the people, Donald Trump was on the campaign trail this weekend campaigning in one of America’s most liberal states. “It’s about the people, it’s about the people,” the Republican presidential candidate said on Monday, announcing a campaign rally in Kansas. “We are going to do things that nobody’s ever done, ever heard of – which is a rally today. We’re going to do things that will never be done before.”

Trump’s rally on Monday was held at Wichita’s Pheasant Ridge Golf Course, which has been used as a campaign venue by both parties, as the course was a venue for the Republican convention in 1980 and Barack Obama’s first presidential election win in 2008.

Trump’s rally on Monday was the first time that he had used the venue, which is owned by his children, to directly promote the Republican party’s presidential nominee. The rally was also the first time that the venue was used by the Republican campaign for president since the 1980 convention, as the venue was used by Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.

The Trump campaign used Goldwater as the inspiration for his rally, as Goldwater was a popular Republican. That’s what is causing some people to wonder if Trump is using the Pheasant Ridge venue to get free publicity for his campaign, rather than doing so for his personal profit.

This campaign use of the Pheasant Ridge venue, it has been suggested, is being done in order to maintain Trump’s momentum. It is understood that the venue will have the venue’s name on the front of it as the venue is owned by the Trump family. It has also been suggested the venue is used solely to get free publicity for the Trump campaign rather than the personal profit of the Trump family, as the Trump campaign is not a business.

Pheasant Ridge Golf Course is a public course owned by the city of

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