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Harry Styles: The First Male Pop Star

Harry Styles: The First Male Pop Star

A coming-out party for Harry Styles and fans, at opening night at the Forum in Los Angeles, California on 8 April 2017 (Image credit: Getty)

Hollywood has never seen a young male pop star so big and successful in the industry. Before he was famous the name Harry Styles was unknown to anyone not in the industry. From the age of seven up, the 17-year-old had only one goal in his life. To follow in his father’s footsteps as he became a producer and songwriter.

Harry got his start singing in church

In 2013, Styles’ then-mum, Michelle, released a song called Beautiful, the first of what would be six solo EPs. It was just a minute of Harry’s voice before he was gone, with the line, “If you wanna change, let me change”. What impressed him the most about the song was that it was completely devoid of the word “gay” and had everything to do with love.

But the rest of the world wasn’t ready for Styles’ voice

The young singer had a few other songs to his name before he was taken on by record label One Little Indian, who signed him to a deal as soon as he started turning 18. The label initially released his music on iTunes and he was able to reach a huge audience.

His debut single, Shape of You, became the biggest-selling song in the iTunes history that year, with one billion downloads. Harry was already a pop star in his own right by then, with his debut album, Harry Styles, released in 2013.

Harry and his friends at a party at a nightclub (Image credit: PA)

His second album, Harry Styles, was a hit around the world, with his songs like Lionheart and Emotions topping the charts in several countries, including the US, and Harry became the first artist to sell more than one billion albums worldwide.

Harry even started getting his own musical gigs

He was even more known for songs like Emotions, which had already made him one of the biggest-selling artists around the world, but there was a problem. Harry had to appear on a weekly music program hosted by none other than the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson.

He performed in front of his idol

On the show, Harry played a medley of tracks, which included Michael’s hits like

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