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Heidi Klum is about to become a little ruder

Heidi Klum is about to become a little ruder

Heidi Klum and daughter Leni team up again for lingerie brand’s latest ad campaign

She’s always been a little more raunchy than most, but it seems Heidi Klum is about to become a little ruder.

In recent weeks, the former Victoria’s Secret model and actress posted a new photo on Instagram in the same outfit as the one she wore for the lingerie campaign in November, which led to a wave of backlash from fans after she seemed to compare her body to that of Kim Kardashian West.

In the new image, the 48-year-old is sporting the same blonde wig she wore in the campaign, complete with a hint of eye makeup, and, for the first time, a little extra fat over her midsection.

In addition to the Instagram post, the campaign seems to have inspired a new ad for Victoria’s Secret which features Heidi in the same outfit.

‘Victoria’s Secret has always done a great job of portraying our body types with our ads,’ a spokesperson told The News. ‘It’s important for the brand to encourage diversity in our ads and use different models for different campaigns.

‘We are incredibly excited to have Heidi in a Victoria’s Secret campaign, and look forward to the continued dialogue around diversity and body positivity in the fashion world.’

Victoria’s Secret launched a website today (24.06.19) which will provide more information on its diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Heidi was in the midst of her summer hiatus when she posed for the campaign back in November, though she posted the photo on her Instagram Stories, which has since been deleted.

The news comes a day after Victoria’s Secret announced that, as a result of the controversy, their lingerie line will no longer feature transgender women as models. The company said the recent actions of a few models and the fact that the company has been making major progress in diversity and inclusion is an inspiration for them.

The news comes just days after Heidi posed for a series of images in the campaign in which she wore a blonde wig with a hint of eye makeup, with the intention of ‘reflect[ing] her natural femininity and beauty and to continue promoting the body positivity

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