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How to Get Away From the Murder in San Jose

How to Get Away From the Murder in San Jose

Partial remains of missing Bay Area woman found in Amador County

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In May, a man and a woman, apparently related in some way, were found dead on a ranch in Amador County. Police concluded that the deaths were a murder-suicide.

The woman was said to have lost her husband before her death.

No suspect has been arrested in the woman’s killing, but detectives with the San Jose Police Department say they’ve determined that her husband was killed in an accident and she then ended her own life. The police investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the victim in the case that’s still unsolved remains missing. If you have information on the man’s whereabouts, the police say to call (408) 820-2263.

There is a $25,000 reward for information leading to the safe return of the victim.

The woman in the San Jose case was 28 years old, roughly 6 feet tall and 120 lbs. She had a tattoo on her upper left arm. (See the story at

The death of a person in the Bay Area is very much the Bay Area’s No. 1 concern, but with a little planning, it’s possible to spend the evening of a holiday without ever leaving San Francisco or Oakland.

With a little sleuthing and the cooperation of the Santa Police Department, you can find a perfect place to visit, get dinner and get back in your car and be home in time for the holiday.

A few easy steps.

1. Find the place you want to get away to.

Santa has a small, private parking lot in front of City Hall that’s usually reserved for city employees. It has ample parking, and the parking is free and available to anyone who needs it for any reason, but the parking is on a first come, first served basis.

The parking also makes it easy to drop people off at the library or a nearby church.

On the day of the murder in San Jose, the parking lot was full.

The crime scene where the remains of 29-year-

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