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Thanos: The Dark World

Thanos: The Dark World

Chris Hemsworth’s taking increased risk of Alzheimer’s in stride — and taking a break from his work as Thor’s brother.

He’s just starting work on the next Thor movie, The Dark World, after The Avengers.

In between, he’s been busy, too: starring as the villain Thanos in the Avengers sequel and helping to produce Thor: The Dark World.

He also turned in a new short film, a comic book adaptation and an interview with our editor in chief, David Ulin, about the project that he and his partner Joss Whedon are working on together.

So how has it been keeping the big three of Marvel movies, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies on the same film schedule?

Well, it’s been a challenge, but it’s a good challenge, he told Ulin. I’ve been pretty fortunate that I have the most interesting things that I’ve been asked to do, in terms of what I don’t want to do, which, in a way, is why we’re doing this project.

He shared that being the first to offer up his insights, he could not offer one about the film, The Dark World, he made.

Here are a few highlights:

On the upcoming Thor sequel:

The first thing I want to say is when I sit down to do my character, Thanos, I always want to be playing him after he has been in the comics, because he’s really great. I wanted to be playing him as an old soul, somebody who really looks back on life with fond, because I think when you look back on life, the life you have, what you remember the most, or maybe what you do remember the most is that you had a little bit of a sense of wonderment. I think it’s important for me to try that out. What kind of guy is Thanos? I don’t even know, he’s not the kind of guy you would think of as being old. But I hope that when you look at him, you think of his energy and his passion and his love for life and all of those things that you might see if you saw

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