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Why is it expensive to live in Laredo?

Why is it expensive to live in Laredo?

Op-Ed: Are Californians fleeing en masse to Texas? The reality is complicated

A number of Texas cities are experiencing the fastest growth in population in the nation. Is this happening because Texas is growing so quickly and Texas is so friendly and welcoming? Or is it because there is not the same kind of cultural difference between the two states which is at the root of other immigration controversies?

The answer is, it is complicated.

Not only is it complicated, but it is at the same time, incredibly complex.

Because what is happening in a few cities in Texas is not the same as what is happening on the other side of the country.

If you are concerned about the high cost of living in Laredo, TX or on the border in Matamoros, MX, don’t be surprised when you find, that while both are growing so quickly and prospering so much, there is a stark contrast.

How much is in your car?

In 2018, more than $4,000.

Laredo is at the top of the list with $2,400 in a car, and $2,700 for a small one.

Matamoros is at the other end of the scale at $600 for a car.

Do they have similar lifestyles?

No, but the difference is clear:



In Laredo, it costs as much to keep a car than to rent.




On both sides, there is a significant disparity, but it is not what you would think, and not what the average Californian would think.

Why so much disparity?

There are many reasons, but to name a few:

It is expensive to live in Laredo.

But what is not expensive is to live in Laredo.


Laredo is expensive because the cost of housing, real estate, utilities, clothing, and transportation are extremely high and because the cost of living is not high.

In Laredo, most residents are not poor.



Laredo has a lot of good vacations, but not all.

Laredo does not have a national park or nature preserve

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