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Wimbledon Men Should Wear White

Wimbledon Men Should Wear White

Billie Jean King’s ‘pet peeve’ is Wimbledon’s ‘horrible’ all white uniform policy

The British press is still trying to justify the all-white Wimbledon all-male tennis squad by claiming that the policy is designed to protect female equality.

The press claim to be shocked that men and women play together in the same team, yet they are quite happy with this policy. In fact they are happy for everyone except women to play in the same team in a men’s tournament such as Wimbledon.

The women of the press are now demanding the Wimbledon men wear all white. The British men are in uproar because of this policy and have taken to the court in protest.

In the wake of the male protest at the All England Club, Wimbledon Chairman, John Purcell, announced that, because of the high number of male spectators at Wimbledon, he would have to give up the all-white team. Purcell said that Wimbledon had to “be sensitive to the feelings of men who are fans and play in the crowd, and whose tennis dreams are being nurtured.” He also stated that it would be “impossible to get the level of participation we want for next year”.

A petition was set up by the “All White Men For Rights” and has had over 500 signatures and has received over 1,000 signatures. The petition was organised by four men and signed by 2,000 people. They are calling for “all white male tennis players in competition and all white male people to refuse to go to Wimbledon in 2012 and to boycott the tournament.”

The All White Men For Rights were upset that the Wimbledon men would not wear white at Wimbledon while the All White women would be forced to wear all white. However women do not enjoy equality as men do, which is why they were “impossible to get the level of participation we want for next year”.

The All White Men For Rights also stated that they are “fed up of the constant media attention” and their demands to wear white for Wimbledon are “not racist”, which is why they feel the Wimbledon men should wear the all white uniform.

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